Yuri Catania


Yuri Catania is a modern storyteller, art director, photographer, and videographer.
He has been working in fashion for over fifteen years. His photos and video become the matrix a new language that allows him to manifest his creativity and ideas featuring original contents.
Yuri Catania keeps track of his project in 360 degrees dealing with the creative part but also with the effective one to primary and outcome able to gain the awareness of the clients.
His experience in the fields of fashion makes all the difference.
He works with his eponymous -photo production agency- worldwide

His motto “Always Different”.

2017 - Special Mention for ``Asia Argento, un'attrice, un set e il cinema`` at Centro Candiani Venezia
2016 - Bloom Award Art Fair Colonia Nominee
2014 - Best Fashion Movie of the year - Milan International Film Festival
2012 - Highest Honor - Black & White Spider Award
2008 - Honorable Mention Award - Premio Fotografico Italiano
2007 - Awarded the Premio Fotografico Italiano - best still life.

The deepest photographer’s satisfaction and emotions comes from his personal project called “NO FASHION PLACES” that is an inner path, an intimate research that catches hidden feelings among the particulars, a keen look that captures the great messages of small things, far from the refined luxury sparkle.``
No Fashion Places Art Photography's collection is on show at CasaGalleria in Rovio Switzerland, where he spends half part of his life. CasaGalleria is a new project where he combines a new way of lifestyle surrounding by beautiful natural scenery on top of the mountain with a view lake of Lugano.
Visit CasaGalleria ``More than Gallery, More than Home`` at www.NoFashionPlaces.com

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Silvia Torricelli

owner - agent - producer

Silvia Torricelli is the owner and manager of Yuri Catania LLC in New York and Yuri Catania SA in Switzerland.
She runs the full-service photo and video production agency all over the world.
Graduated lawyer from University Study of Milan.
She has over fifteen years of experience in fashion communication.

She works directly with the clients aiming to manage all the requirements of a creative project in the fashion industry, luxury, and lifestyle.
Developing strategies in communications off and online.
Managing budget from beginning to end.
Hiring artists worldwide.

She has been managed successful shooting production:
USA: New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Palm Springs, Joshua Tree, Yucca Valley, Indio, The Hampton.
EUROPE: Italy Milan, Como, Venice, Cortina d'Ampezzo, Alps, Portofino, Florence, Rome and more. UK London. France Paris, Nice, Cannes. Germany Berlin.The Netherlands: Amsterdam. Switzerland: Zermatt, Saint Moritz. Greece Mykonos.
ASIA: Tokyo, Kobe, Singapore, Indonesia and Seoul.
AFRICA: Morocco, Tunisia.

Her intense motivation with every project in close collaboration with the customer and due to a well-managed budget keeps Yuri Catania successfully producing creative services globally.

Her motto “The Sky's The Limit.”

Silvia is a new nomad traveling with his partner in crime and business Yuri Catania, the US, by an Airstream. She is the editor of No Fashion Places of America, a lifestyle diary of their journey on the road. Follow Silvia at www.NoFashionPlacesOfAmerica.com