Yuri Catania and Silvia Torricelli founded CASA GALLERIA in Switzerland

“More than a Gallery, More than a Home”

The opening will be scheduled at the end of the quarantine. Yuri Catania will show “Hope for The Future” Tra Cielo e Terra, his latest fine art project.

CASA GALLERIA Monte Generoso is the photo gallery of Yuri Catania, where to exhibit his contemporary photography. Still, it’s also ┬áhome and creative studio, a place to take shelter living in contact with nature. The space is located in Rovio, a small town on a hill in the middle of the vineyards of Ticino, one of the oldest Roman settlements in Ticino, at the foot of Monte Generoso, which is 1704 meters high.

Truly a piece of paradise: waterfalls, trails, lakes, and mountain paths.

CASA GALLERIA is a lifestyle where to combine work with leisure time. There is a biodynamic vegetable garden created in wood tanks. Tomatoes, salads, leeks, cabbage, and all kinds of vegetable are harvested and brought to the table daily. A place to live in respect of the environment and animals. A few meters from the garden, the atelier, a space dedicated to creativity at 360 degrees where the artist has created his world and works independently.

All Art lovers are welcome!