Yuri Catania got a shot of the sky, with his Leica camera, above his house at Rovio in Switzerland when in quarantine during the Coronavirus epidemic in March 2020.

“I believe looking at the sky helps us. Despite the problems and pains that we are facing off on the Planet, we are part of something bigger than stands above us with its wonder and pools us indistinctly because we are all under the same sky ” says, Yuri Catania.

The sky like this pandemic has no borders; it makes no difference; this is the great revelation from the project.

The series is composed of one hundred images. A sentence distinguish each photograph. It’s a message like a mantra of hope for the future, no matters the order of images. The idea of ​​adding words in pictures is the carry-over of  “Human Light Message,” the photo project showed by Yuri Catania at MIA in 2017.

For each frame, Yuri Catania creates a video art in collaboration with the music composer Valerio Pellegri. #MusicFromADistance, a music project by Valerio Pellegri during quarantine with the hope to spark the imagination of listeners.

Images and music are together in a contemporary project that goes straight to the heart with a great message of hope for the future.