“I ♥ Cats of Rovio” open-air street art exhibition by Yuri Catania will open to the public on June 12, 2021

“I ♥ Cats of Rovio” is a large open-air exhibition consisting of 60 giant posters of various sizes posted inside the historic town of Rovio in the Canton of Ticino in Switzerland. The works are portraits of the author where the protagonists are the “Cats” concerning the felines but also to its inhabitants, the Roviesi, known as “cats”: a provocation to tell the origins and history of the town. The portraits are then printed and applied directly on the walls with biodegradable glue as is done for the “classic” posters, with the collage-decoupage technique or – to use the terminology of current Street Art – of the paste-up, brought to the fore by world-famous artists such as Obey (Shepard Fairey) and JR.

The project, albeit with deep territorial roots, was nevertheless born with the ambition to go beyond local borders to bring the “Cats of Rovio” even beyond the borders of the country and Ticino. «We have already had requests for the adoption of a“ Rovio Cat ”in Italy, in Ravenna, Syracuse and Cagliari, but the Cats will also arrive in Japan and even in New York» concludes Yuri Catania.

Come to visit Rovio.

More info at www.igattidirovio.com