Marfa, Marfa, Marfa the photography project by Yuri Catania has been selected to be part of STILL Fotografia art gallery in Milan. STILL Fotografia, in via Zamenhof 11 20136 Milano, is well known to be the temple of photography in the City. His founder Denis Curti is the artistic director of Casa dei Tre Oci in Venice Italia, also an art collector and gallerist. An exclusive project to promote the photography collection of limited edition prints. LEG – Limited Edition Gallery, is the new online platform for art collector and photography’s lover. Go to see here.

Marfa, Marfa, Marfa was shooted along the trip from Denver to Los Angeles crossing Colorado, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona to California by Yuri Catania in 2018.

It was the beginning of a new approach to Catania’s photography. Marfa, the capital of modern minimalism art movement in America, was the perfect scenario with an astonishingly light. An urban panorama in the high desert of the Trans Pecos in the far West of Texas, close to the Mexican border, is the protagonist of this photo project and of a creative Manifesto of 150 pages. The beauty of abandoned things becomes a modern and melancholic novel with the power of the images.

If you are interested to learn more about the photography project, contact directly STILL FOTOGRAFIA: phone: +39 02 36744528  – email:

Marfa Marfa Marfa, the book is available at CasaGalleria MonteGeneroso: click to see Marfa Marfa Marfa Manifesto