No Fashion Places of  America by Yuri Catania on show at Candiani Venice from November 9th, 2018 until Janury 27th, 2019.

“Getting lost in a dream, only to discover that the dream is the reality. Shots that will excite – an instinctive, contemporary, authentic, unmediated photography that speaks to the heart.”

It’s No Fashion Places, the personal research by Yuri Catania that arises from the need to embark on a journey away from the spotlight of fashion, where he has worked as a photographer and video maker for over thirteen years. His pictures belong to the Road. There are abandoned places and cities. Apparently common people and objects can capture the feelings in the hidden folds of the details, a subtle look that captures the great messages in little things.

The exhibition is immersed in a dreamlike dimension where the images stand out, documenting over thirteen years of journey across the United States of America between the East and the West Coast, from North to South. They flow before our eyes, real life moments and experienced feelings, for a spontaneous, intimate and human result – in one word, emotional.

A melancholic romanticism is the background to the narrative of my photographs where I love to tell a reality, the American one, full of contrasts and contradictions.

The United States is a huge amusement park, and with No Fashion Places of America He feels free to fix with his photographic eye the truth of those surreal details of the suburbs, as opposed to the symbols of big cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Miami. A journey through the urban landscape of the American culture of our century.

His journey – that today is yours, too.

A part of the exhibition is dedicated to MarfaMarfaMarfa. An artistic Manifesto publishesed on May 2018.

It is a tribute to the city of Marfa, Texas; the place where the author has discovered and experienced the “frontier” America in the most rarefied and dusty aesthetic sense of the word. The portrayed light was experienced as a unique experimentation, almost mystical in photographic terms. In this place lost in themiddle of nowhere, the weather conditions,the altitude, and the desert territory makethe light refraction an unusual experience in terms of sharpness and vivacity of thecolors.

Don’t miss to see the portraits series. The author thanks to his journey on his trailer, and the countless casual meetings with local subjects, decides to pay homage to his characters with a portrait. Making each photograph the testimony of a true story, told in the first person. It is precisely the journey that unleashes the narrative necessity of a deepening of what people live in a specific social context.

Information: Cultura Venezia – Candiani T. 041 2386126 – Free Admission / Exposition Area third floor