Yuri Catania, photographer, and artist, is, first of all, a citizen of the world.

He started to travel by an Airstream around the United States of America. He wants to photography and videography the “Americans”, folks in their land, often far away from the big cities such as New York and Los Angeles.

He launched a Lifestyle Blog about everything is all about the USA: people, places, foodporn, icons brand, newsroom, 10 best of.  Go to see the official website atNo Fashion Places of America.

Meanwhile, he’s working on a collateral artistic project such as books, exhibition, and special event.

The trip has started last December 27, 2017, from Denver Colorado. He visited Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Arizona and now he’s in California where his trailer is stored at Desert Hot Springs. Do you want to watch the itinerary? Click on the map to discover the 65 places on 3554 miles in 533 days.

He planned to travel all the 49 States of America (50 except Hawaii being difficult by the trailer ). There is no definitive timetable. The Road is Life. Choosing day by day the best.

That’s a tribute to America, focusing on singers, musicians, people of talent who represent excellence in their fields. The so-nicknamed “American Makers”. People who have decided to not conform to mass culture but to carry forward their professions in respect of authentic American traditions, producing one-of-a-kind objects and unique pieces.

A journey to and through an artistic and crafts renaissance against the backdrop of a decadent America that can still spawn dreams.

The decision to travel with an Airstream is an American dream that comes true. A futuristic trailer a vintage American icon par excellence, today the emblem of an on-the-road lifestyle unique in its genre and careful with nature. A lifestyle choice under the banner of freedom, a way to enjoy the entire world ahead in the sure knowledge that the most beautiful dream is the one you are living right now.

A journey within a journey, a journey to share on the road as it opens before us.