Yuri Catania created over 300 movies in the fashion’s industry.

He’s known for his multifaceted approach and his natural instinct to immerse himself in original scripts based on brand requests. 

After many years of experience, Yuri Catania is able to realize every kind of content, starting with the creative idea, storyboard, shooting, and editing. In the role of a video maker or as a director, he leads all the phases of the production included the creation of original soundtracks, post-production, color correction, and special effects. 

Millenial Nomad

Back to the Future SS2190

Avant Toi Hotel

Avant Toi Social Club

Tatras Legend with Pyper America

Tatras -force of nature- Coco Rocha and Andrea Denver

Autunno TF


Ermanno Scervino with Dylan Penn

Ermanno Scervino with Lindsey Wixson

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