Yuri Catania’s new film was shot using an iPhone 11 Pro Max that it records now at 4K resolution.

Yuri Catania likes to experiment using new technologies. He insisted to use the last version of iPhone to shoot the scenes of ASH Adventure Film in Miami on Jan. 2020.

“It’s kind a revolution in the video industry”, says Yuri Catania. The quality is extraordinarily high. You get close to the models putting camera everywhere, moving fast in place where normally it’s not easy to access. You feel more creative with focus on the story. No matters of heavy equipment and many people on set to coordinate. An easy and small very talented group of professional absorbed for two ongoing days on set.

The film ran 1 series of four episodes that have been published on the brand’s social channels.

Ash Adventures is a story of friendship and freedom based on the characters of Nora and Gigi. Two friends and Ash Girls who spend an unforgettable time together. A hymn to the summer in the background of the America we love: Miami Beach where summer never ending.

Have fun and Watch the Ash Adventures episodes on Ash’s YouTube channel

Thanks to:

ASH Vice President, Global Marketing & Image: Karen Quek
Director: Yuri Catania @ Yuri Catania LLC
Models: Gulsina @Wilhelmina; Kia Archer @Elite Miami; Chris @The Industry Mgmt
H/M Artist: Euridice Martin @ Creative Management
Stylist: Rebecca Engling @ Creative Management
Video and Photo Assistant: Andre Iglesias
Production: Silvia Torricelli @ Yuri Catania LLC