No Fashion Places of America by Yuri Catania – the book –  at LAC Lugano bookstore.

If you are in Lugano stop by an hidden gem the LAC Shop. The store, managed by Luca Pascoletti, is active within the LAC (Cultural Center Lugano Arte Cultura) with a great selection of art, architecture, photography, fashion and design books. And No Fashion Places of America is one of these. LAC Shop online store: go here

A a photographic book with a selection of 169 shots taken by Yuri Catania. A collection of images -the fruit of 8 years working and traveling around the United States from the East Coast to the West Coast- that documents the essence of time beyond the aesthetic research to find out a decadent irony. Instants are romantic and nostalgic. The narrative is natural using a wide angle lenses that take more creative imagines. Playing with light in the game of contrasts among the dark, the half-shadow and the full brightness. That’s an inner path, an intimate research that catches hidden feelings among the  particulars, a keen look that captures the great messages of small things, far from the refined luxury sparkle.




30 cm x 20,5 cm

240 Pages

Edition of 1000

Printed in Italy

Propelled by Pixartprinting


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