Hope x The Future born in a confused way in which the artist has sunk during this pandemic. Catania wants to give a positive message even in moments of great melancholy and in isolation. The series was born as a photographic, but it has evolved in a more complex shape showing itself as a mixed media artwork. Each artwork is a unique piece, which consist of four fundamental elements: photography, plexiglass box, paper lettering, flashlight. The artist shoot the sky over his studio every day during the lockdown. Then creates fragments of phrases, and combine the lettering with the pictures. No matter the order of their sequence, it arrives as a mantra of hope for the future.

“Andrà Tutto Bene” (It’s Gonna Be Ok) “Sorridi” (Smile) “Stiamo Uniti” (Stay Together) “Nel Tuo Cuore” (In your Heart) “Trova la Forza” (Find the Strenght) “Vivi Questo Momento” (Live Now) “Ascolta” (Listen) “Respira con Coraggio” (Just Breathe)

Yuri Catania closes the selected images of the sky in special boxes of museum acrylic plexiglass, built ad hoc. The parallelepipeds represent the protective shields that we have worn for protection from this virus. The plexiglass in this work becomes a fundamental element assuming a trivalent meaning: it separates therefore protects and, in each of these works, also unites. Outside of each plexiglass box, the artist applies a fragment of a sentence with an inscription carved in cotton paper. And here, the fourth element comes into play: the flashlight, supplied with the work, once turned on, through its beam of light, projects the phrase cut out of the paper “piercing” the plexiglass and casting the poem towards the sky and humanity, towards those clouds to which it belongs and from where the meaning of the message originated.