“Videogame. My pixel parallel life” is an ongoing virtual street photography project. Vacant, part of a collection of over 3000 images and a tribute to the GTA V videogame, is entirely made digital through a b / w photographic shot within a 3D scenario with a subsequent pictorial reworking of an overlay slogan painted with I-Pad. The project started by chance, without realizing it in 2017 during the umpteenth game with Play Station 4 in GTA V. I disregarded the violent and criminal purpose of the game to start wandering on foot or with a bicycle “borrowed” from that immense virtual world that has never been created until now. The environments and scenarios in 3D are spectacular and highly defined, you can move freely and lose the sense of reality. Thus was born my idea of ​​telling street photography through a virtual world that looks tremendously like that of California and Los Angeles, places that are familiar to me and that I know well. So night after night, I felt authorized, as at night, to play video games as an “adult” by continuing to take and save screenshots of the screen with which I gradually became familiar with as a real camera. Almost 4 and a half years have passed, making over 3,000 images without ever getting tired. Works that I carefully selected and then treated with black and white to remain faithful to the virtual media to an idea of ​​old school film street photography. In choosing and reworking the b / w images I realized that the path of lettering and writing/painting on images started with my other projects needed to express itself also through these images. To stay true to the fully digital process I painted my sentences using an iPad paint program that could reproduce the brush stroke with acrylic colours. The end result is something unexpected new where you no longer understand, and that’s what I wanted to achieve with this message of denunciation of the fearful charm of the encounter between real and virtual, between playful and serious, between sometimes cold digital opportunities and the warm craftsmanship of analog. This has become my parallel life in pixels: welcome. VIDEOGAME photographs. MY PIXEL PARALLEL LIFE are in edition of 5.