The United States of Sicily by Yuri Catania has been featured on Corriere della Sera, Monday 28 December 2020. Catania is one of the twenty finalists at Art Rights Prize, the first virtual international art award for artist and photographer. The final exhibition is open to the public by a virtual show. Click here: Art Rights Prize exhibition.

United States of Sicily is an ongoing photography project by Yuri Catania that merges the American imaginary from the countless trips who made in the United  States for the last 20 years and the desire to discover his Sicilian origins that date back to his grandfather who comes from Alcamo. The aim of the project is to combine the Sicilian territory with the American one with which Catania finds many similarities, in particular with the Far West States such as Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and California. Another connection between the two realities is a specific document dating back to the Second World War, written by the bandit Giuliano to the American President, with the request for the annexation of Sicily as the Forty-Ninth State of the United States of America (before the Alaska and Hawaii were annexed). Have you ever heard that? If not, go to check on Google or on Corriere della Sera. At that time, the Americans supported the Sicilian gangs such as that of the bandit Giuliano against Fascism and from there the opportunity for dialogue. Obviously, it was an unsuccessful request that America never wanted to pursue. Last connection between America and Sicily is the social aspect of emigration from Sicily to the United States since the mid-1800s. The Sicilian population is one of the largest communities emigrated to the United States. This phenomenon has created a double lifestyle, defined as Sicilian-American, of people who moved to the States giving birth to famous people such as Al Pacino, Jon Bon Jovi, Madonna, Ariana Grande, Frank Sinistra, Lady Gaga etc .. . which represent the exported Sicilian culture. In conclusion, the impulse to find both naturalistic elements and symbols of American consumerism along the way, starts from a horizon that can be confused with an Arizona landscape at the Mc Donald box abandoned on the street.

This is only the beginning. The photographer is at work to documenting materials and to a new publication. Stay tuned. Find him in Sicily….